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La Cure Skin Care Range For Face and Body

The Dead Sea hides wonderful treasures. Unique by its natural therapeutic properties the Dead Sea water brings to your skin, relief and well-being, blended with a zest of the Jordanian sun. The Dead Sea is the world’s largest spa, containing a unique composition of minerals renowned for their therapeutic and beautifying powers.This wonderful range of products, as used by leading spas worldwide, is now available to the discerning professional.


Minerals and Benefits:

• Magnesium -
Promotes healing and increases cell vitality

• Calcium -
Strengthens bones and nails

• Potassium - 
Balances the skin’s moisture 

• Bromide - 
Relaxes muscles and minimises stiffness

• Sulphur -
A natural disinfectant

• Iodine - 
An important factor in the body’s metabolism and essential for the
correct functioning of the thyroid gland 

Skin Care Range Benefits for the Face & Body

The Dead Sea contains 26 essential minerals; twelve of the Dead Sea minerals do not exist in any other sea or
ocean in the world. 

Other benefits include:

• Nourishing the skin.
• Activating blood circulation.
• Heals metabolic disorders.
• Supports the correct functioning of the body and its different skin layers.

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La Cure ® is Dead Sea Natural Beauty products that include Bath Salts, Mud and a wide range of creams line such as (Moisturizing, Eye, Body Lotion, and Whitening cream, etc). Plus to the magnificent Dead Sea Soaps line as (Mud, Salt, Scrub and Anti-cellulite soap). Also La Cure was very interested to complete its range with the Dead Sea hair, body & facial treatment lines as (Shampoos, Shower Gel, Scrub Oil, Massage Oil, Facial Scrub, Facial Toner, and Cleansing Milk.

This Dead Sea products range is basically made from natural pure ingredients and extracts in addition to the Dead Sea mud, salts and minerals which are extracted directly from the Dead Sea which is 422 meters below sea level, and its shores are the lowest point on the surface of Earth on dry land.

The Dead Sea having a higher concentration of minerals than any other sea in the world contains more than 35 different types of minerals, mainly Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Selenium, Chloride, Sulfur, Bromide and Manganese.